Chung Li is this mysterious local female rapper. I saw her rock the mic once, during the first installment of the VNCE & Friends event at Artgang Gallery. And I know that she took part in Make It Rain Records’ Summer Cookout this past August. But other than these fierce live performances, she keeps a low profile on social medias that clashes with her strong swagger. Here’s what she had to say when we met in Chinatown to talk about style for HHQC’s Street Style series.

Having style

I think it means individuality, to be creative, to do you. A lot of people don’t have that type of sauce that makes others want to hop on it. That’s a different story, tho. I went left.

I feel like — like George Clinton said, “style is whatever you want to do, if you can do it with confidence.”


I was influenced by ’92 TLC, ’95 Aaliyah and Dipset. A couple of times in 2003-04 I would rock my clothes backwards like I was Kriss Kross.

Going into High Shcool until grade 9, I wore baggy clothes. 4XL sized tees and washed jeans & joggers. When I began gaining more confidence in myself, I wore tight clothing. Had a dancehall vibe to my style, different colored weaves, cut one jean pant leg as shorts — half pants & half shorts — it was fly… I was and still am versatile.

Ultimate classic jeans for me were the Apple Bottoms jeans. Perfect fitting jeans. Air Force 1s are classics. Listen, I’m not and probably will never be “designer label” crazy. I’m all about making something simple look rich, if you know what I mean.

The Hipster style would probably be the most “unbearable” style to me. I’ve seen very few make it look good. Most look mad goofy to me. Not my wave.


My style now wavers unpredictable. If I’m feeling sexy, I don’t mind showing a lot of legs & cleavage. Then there are days where I’ll rock a hoodie, boy shorts with socks and slides… and still get hollered at. And I’ve brought both vibes to my photoshoots.

I would say I leave folks with the impression that I’m confident, from my posture to whatever I throw on that day, I walk tall in it all. Most folks don’t like me and think I come off as cocky, but I’m hella humble, bihh.


I don’t like to shop. I’m frugal. When I do shop, I already know what I want and usually am in & out. Not much of a browser. I shop at department stores at all times. I would do online shopping but I have trust issues. Been robbed once & sent wrong size ordering online, and I also don’t trust myself, ’cause online shopping would be my go-to if I could do unlimited shopping US, UK, Europe, Asia. A lot of underground designers, on the come up, who promote on social medias have better clothing styles than what I see in-store here in Montreal.


Good ol’ Chinatown… I’ve been there 5-6 times. Always loved how active the environment is and the culture, period. Hence my Japanese/Mandarin nickname : Chung Li. I would love to get more into character and take advantage of that area on a summer night.

Shoutout to Alex.


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